Seasonal Maintenance Reminders: Fall-Winter

Maintain your home during the fall and winter months with these tips and reminders.


Don’t wait until the last leaf has fallen before you begin raking your leaves. Accumulated leaves and yard clippings can smother and kill your lawn over time. To ensure your lawn stays healthy plan to rake several times over the season.


Gutters and Downspouts

It's incredibly important that you turn off the water to exterior water spigots to prevent freeze-ups once evening temperatures are consistently below freezing. If the pipes in your rental freeze up and break because you do not turn off the water you will be held responsible.


Exterior Water Spigots

It's safe to turn exterior water spigots on once temperatures are consistently above freezing. Please ensure that hoses and spigots do not drip close to the foundation of the home, as this can cause erosion and possibly damage the foundation. If an exterior spigot needs maintenance, send a message to


Smoke Detector Batteries

Although smoke detectors batteries aren’t affected by the changing season, take a few minutes to test the smoke detectors throughout your home. Replace any low batteries or broken units if you find them.



If you intend to use your wood or gas fireplace this fall, it’s important to have it inspected and cleaned before use. PMA has a list of preferred and trusted vendors that we can refer you to if you don’t have a company in mind already.

Maintenance & Service Calls

(703) 457-6533, ext. 3


Rent Collection & Bookkeeping

(703) 457-6533, ext. 5


Tenant Services

(703) 457-6533, ext. 700


Please contact Tenant Services for questions about your lease, seasonal inspections, or move-in/move-out procedures.


All rent payments, be it online electronic payments or personal check payments, should be delivered to either the bank account or the company post office box no later than 5:00pm the 5th of the month.


Residential Property Management, Inc.

PO Box 300

Dunn Loring VA 22027


Electronic payments can be made through Appfolio.

Exterior Drains

Drains located at the bottom of exterior stairwells or anywhere near the foundation of the house should be kept free of leaves and debris. Clogged drains cause water to accumulate which could result in a flooded basement.


Furnace and Air Conditioning Systems

The heat and humidity of the DC area puts our HVAC systems to good use each spring and summer. Please consider the following at the start of this new season.


  • Filters need to be changed every 1 to 3 months depending on your system. Do not underestimate the importance of a clean filter. A dirty filter will increase the cost of your utility bills and also decrease the life of an HVAC system. If an HVAC system is found to have failed due to improper filter maintenance, you will be charged for the repair or replacement of it.

  • At the start of each season you should inspect the area around the HVAC system units. Remove any items or debris that prevent clear access to to the unit in the event of an emergency, as well as anything that might disrupt air flow around it.

  • When turning on your air conditioning for the first time this season do not be alarmed by a strange smell, which should dissipate after a few minutes of your system running.

  • Thermostats which run on battery power typically need to have their batteries replaced at least once a year. Replacing the battery before it dies will ensure your cooling is not unexpectedly disrupted.

  • For condo tenants, some properties do not turn on the building central air conditioning until specific dates agreed upon by the Board of Directors. Please take note so you can mark your calendars or make arrangements if there are warm days before the AC is initiated


Kitchen/Bathroom Drains

Tenants are responsible for keeping drains clear. Be careful with grease and hair accumulation - buy and install strainers if necessary. Also keep in mind that baby wipes and similar products cannot be flushed in most plumbing systems no matter what the product label says. Most sewer systems in this region are older and will clog unless you are careful with the items flushed.


"Drano" and other chemical drain clearing products don't typically work, and can damage fixtures and older piping. Only qualified plumbers can unstop drains, so please be cautious and considerate about what you put down the drain.


Pest Control

Prior to occupancy, your home was inspected for pests. Please note that landlords are responsible for infestations, but not typical pest control. Each spring and summer you may find ants, roaches, mice, or birds for a variety of reasons. The DC area annually endures ants, stinkbugs, and ladybugs. More information about these pests can be found through online search. If you need a recommendation for a pest control service please contact Property Management Advisors.


To minimize mosquitos, empty collected water from planters and other vessels and place fill dirt in sunken areas of the landscaping.



Please do not use the garbage disposal to discard food, kitchen scraps, and other refuse down the drains. Although disposals are typically used for this purpose, there is always a risk that the disposal or drain could become clogged by doing so. Pasta, rice, and oatmeal in particular can create a thick paste which blocks the line, while egg shells, bones, and vegetable ends can damage the moving parts of the disposal. We advise that tenants keep an Allen wrench available to reset the disposal in case of blockage or power failure. Contact us if you have any questions regarding this.



If an appliance conveyed with the lease is not working properly it is your responsibility to contact property management. Repair and maintenance tickets can be submitted through the Appfolio tenant portal, or via email. To coordinate any needed repairs we expect your cooperation for scheduling repairmen to visit the property. Please note that all general maintenance of an appliance is the tenant’s responsibility; appliances will be inspected seasonally to ensure you are in compliance with the lease.