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Agent Advantage Pledge of Loyalty


Fierce loyalty is one of the guiding values of our business.


This means that we value the established relationship you have with your landlord-client. That's why Property Management Advisor's representation is limited by the terms of our property management agreement. We pledge to work closely with you and your landlord-client in order to achieve a "win-win" situation for all parties.


The following terms are hereby agreed upon between the Agent and Property Management Advisors, LLC.


  • PMA will pay a licensee 2 month's management fee, up to $500, as a professional referral courtesy. (Payment is made at the conclusion of the second month of occupancy under PMA management. PMA will not pay a referral fee if the landlord withdraws before 90 days.)

  • PMA will always refer the landlord back to the referring agent in regards to future rentals, listings, sale transactions, and other new business.

  • PMA will keep you informed of landlord's plans and any substantial developments with the current lease.

  • PMA will provide extensive support to ensure a smooth transition of the property from purchase to property management then back to sale with the referring agent.

  • PMA will support and extend your marketing efforts to the landlord.

  • PMA understands that your credibility to your client is important and we will do everything in our power to support and sustain that credibility.

  • PMA will never direct blame to the referring agent or use them as a scapegoat.

  • PMA will at all times remain accountable to you as a referring agent, as well as your landlord-client, and the landlord-client's tenants.

Randy Huntley, Managing Partner

Property Management Advisors, LLC.

Contact Property Management Advisors at info@pma-dc.com or call our action line at (703) 457-6533, ext. 710 if you have any additional questions not answered on our site.