Spring and Summer Maintenance Reminders

Maintain your home during the spring and summer months with these tips and reminders.

Spring and Summer Storms

Batten down the hatches! Rainstorms and high winds can toss grills, patio furniture, trash cans, and other outdoor items. Secure these item in order to protect yourself, your belongings, and the property.

Check exterior drains for leaves and debris which could block up rain water and cause flooding. Exterior drains are usually located at the bottom of stairwells or lower level patios leading from the basement.

Renters Insurance

If you have occupied your home for more than 12 months you are required to provide PMA with updated Renters Insurance policies. Please email copies of current declarations to tenantservices@pma-dc.com before April 30th, or send a printed copy with your May rent check.


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