What We Provide


When you hire Property Management Advisors, the following services are covered by your management fee.


Property Assessment

When you first hire Property Management Advisors, we will begin our service by conducting an assessment of the property as it relates to your desired renting price. After we've examined the assessment alongside comparable listings and market variables, we'll advise you on setting the best price. The decision of how much to rent the property for lies with you but Property Management Advisors will provide all the information you need to set a competitive price.


Listing and Marketing

Property Management Advisors creates a custom marketing plan for every property that will ensure optimal visibility to potential tenants. We cast a wide net, employing the most popular listing services (e.g. Trulia, Zillow, and Realtor.com) as well as some of the lesser know ones, too.


Tenant Procurement

Once the property is listed, Property Management Advisors handles every aspect of the tenant search for you. We'll answer inquiries, schedule and conduct showings, and assist prospective tenants with the application process. When we process the application, we verify income and employment, run credit checks, and contact the applicant's previous landlord for references.



When a suitable tenant is found, we will negotiate the lease terms on your behalf. After the lease has been signed by all parties, we will create a preoccupancy video of the property, verify renter's insurance, and coordinate both the utility transfers and key hand off.


Rent Collection

Each month we will collect the rent, disburse it to the landlord on time, and account for it via our online statement system. We also prepare the necessary tax forms for landlords each year.


Repair and Maintenance

We are on-call 24 hours a day to assist with service calls, respond to emergencies, coordinate repairs, or file hazard insurance claims. Whether the problem is small or cosmetic, huge or life threatening, we will respond accordingly and keep you informed during the process. When coordinating repairs or maintenance, we have a list of go-to vendors who provide reliable, quality service for an affordable price. We also never add any additional administrative fees to our vendor services.


Seasonal Inspections

We conduct at least two seasonal inspections per year to ensure compliance to the lease. Like our initial walkthroughs, seasonal inspections are video recorded and provided to both the landlord and tenant through an unlisted channel.

Learn more about what Property Management Advisors can do for you by contacting us via email at info@pma-dc.com or telephone at (703) 457-6533, ext. 710.