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The Agent Advantage
Referral Program


The Agent Advantage Referral Program is a way to increase your profits while maintaining a strong relationship with your client... even after they've purchased a property!

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“With Randy Huntley, loyalty and integrity — two of his best qualities — really are evident in him bringing back [the client], and bringing the value back to the agents by offering a property management company that we’re able to align ourselves with but not be worried that our clients will get away from us.” -George Mrad, CEO and Founder of Red Door Metro, Keller Williams Realty, Tysons Corner, VA

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Agent Advantage

When you refer a client to Property Management Advisors, we'll provide you with the following.

Two month's management fee, up to $500, paid after 3 months of occupancy.

Continued referrals to the client should they become interested in buying or selling.

Professional management of the client's house or condominium to assist in maintaining the property value for future listings.

If you have more questions about the Agent Advantage Referral Program or would like to start a referral, please call our action line at (703) 457-6533, ext. 710 to speak 1:1 with PMA managing partner, Randy Huntley.

Agent Advantage Pledge of Loyalty

Fierce loyalty is one of the guiding values of our business.

“Fierce loyalty is one of the guiding values of our business. This means that we value the established relationship you have with your landlord-client. That's why Property Management Advisor's representation is limited by the terms of our property management agreement. We pledge to make you look good and credible in front of your client by referring PMA.” - Randy Huntley

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Referral Reward

PMA will pay a licensee 2 month's management fee, up to $500, as a professional referral courtesy. (Payment is made at the conclusion of the second month of occupancy under PMA management. PMA will not pay a referral fee if the landlord withdraws before 90 days.)

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Referral Promise

PMA will always refer the landlord back to the referring agent in regards to future rentals, listings, sale transactions, and other new business.

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PMA will keep you informed of landlord's plans and any substantial developments with the current lease.

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PMA will provide extensive support to ensure a smooth transition of the property from purchase to property management then back to sale with the referring agent.

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Marketing Support

PMA will support and extend your marketing efforts to the landlord.

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Agent Credibility

PMA understands that your credibility to your client is important and we will do everything in our power to support and sustain that credibility.

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PMA will never direct blame to the referring agent or use them as a scapegoat.

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PMA will at all times remain accountable to you as a referring agent, as well as your landlord-client, and the landlord-client's tenants.



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