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residential property management company northern va



We become your eyes and ears and will do what it takes to get the job done.

What Hiring us Means for You

Hiring a professional property manager means not having to worry when you decide to rent your property. Property Management Advisors has 26 years of experience managing properties, which means we can take care of all the big stuff while not missing any of the details.

As your property manager, one of our goals is to allow you to do your job and conduct your life without having to worry about what is happening 'back home'. We become your eyes and ears and will do what it takes to get the job done.

If you're thinking about renting your property, please call our action line to speak 1:1 with our President and Lead Property Manager, Randy Huntley. (703) 457-6533 Ext. 2


New Client Checklist

If you're ready to get started, the checklist below will guide you through the initial steps you'll need to complete.

NOTE: *Landlord Reserve is not a fee. It is a contingency account to be refunded at the conclusion of property management. *Utilities are placed under PMA name to ensure safe condition of property; landlord will be charged costs; vacant properties are checked for lawn maintenance, snow removal, winteriziation, HWH in vacation mode, thermostats operational, lights on timer, US mail, and other empty property pro-active actions.

Step 2

Complete as much of the Property Management Information Form as you can. We can assist you with any of the answers you don't know during the property assessment.

Step 3

Submit the completed forms along with a $100 application processing fee, as well as $500 for the landlord reserve account.

Getting Started: The Nuts & Bolts

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Beginning of Property Management

  • $100 Account Set-Up Fee

  • $ 500 Landlord Reserve Account

  • Deliver information for mortgage, condo dues, service agreements, etc. for bookkeeping

  • Landlord provides rent disbursement account information and directions

  • Property evaluation; Home Warranty decision; Landlord expectations discussed

property management northern va

Acceptance of New Tenant

  • Utilities transferred into Tenant's name;

  • Registration with HOA or community management, if applicable

  • First full-month's rent equals brokerage commission

  • If applicable, explain pro-rated rent given to landlord next disbursement

  • Tenant Security Deposit accounted for by PMA

property management mclean va

Landlord PMA Account

  • Monthly rent disbursements between 9th to 12th of each month

  • Monthly income/expense statements available between 12th to 15th

  • Tenant evaluations; decision to offer Lease Extensions/Notices

  • Comprehensive communication & reports per Accountability Triangle

  • Calendar maintenance for annual maintenance & inspections

residential property management company arlington va

End of Fiscal Year

  • IRS Form 1099-MISC Income provided by January 31st

  • Annual Income/Expense Report

  • Annual Service/Repair Receipts

  • Annual Rental Market Analysis

  • Annual Tenant Appreciation Reconciliation

Landlord Impact Zones

Particular areas that always need attention, and if omitted or neglected, can and most likely, will have an adverse result.


  • Landlords decision to rekey home or convey existing keys, i.e. home, mailbox, storage, FOBs

  • Maintain additional key/FOB set at PM Office for inspections & emergencies

  • All keys and address information secured in locked inventory

  • Provide at least 2 sets to tenants; ensure proper identification with Property Condition Report


  • Pre-Management Agreement Walk-Thru outlining maintenance duties, systems, appliances, security codes, seasonal requirements, warranties, community regulations

  • Tenant Occupancy Property Condition Report via Walk-Thru

  • Seasonal Inspections, at least 2 per year, with video or pictures

  • Tenant Vacating Walk-Thru for security deposit deductions

  • Pre-Listing Walk-Thru outlining needs for new tenant search marketing


  • Accuracy of landlord income and expenses for IRS 1099 reporting

  • Competent service calls with clear identification of property needs, repairs & maintenance

  • Accountable actions to landlords and tenants in record keeping and communications


  • Professional, effective real estate listing and marketing in procurement of new tenants

  • Viable and thorough investigation of rental applications

  • Accountable administration of Lease and applicable documentation

  • Experienced administration of lease compliance by all parties


  • Membership with National Association of Property Managers

  • The National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM®) is an association of real estate professionals who know first-hand the unique problems and challenges of managing single-family and small residential properties.

A to Z Risk Management

"AS IS" Items
Attic Infiltration
Clogged Drainage
Condo Orientation
Door Locks
Dryer Vent
Early Vacancy
Gas Connections
Gas Connections/Leaks
Hail Damage
HOA Rules
HVAC Maintenance
Improper Use
Insurance Coverage
Lightning Strike
Loose Limbs

Mold Remediation Shingles
Neighbor Issues
Outstanding Keys
Pet Screens
Replacement Lighting Fixture
Replacement Plumbing Fixture
Security Deposit
Smoke Detector
Space Heater
Swimming Pool
Tree Growth
Wood Floor Damage

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