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Logic & Loyalty

A Letter from Randy Huntley

In Chapter 33 of The New Rise of Real Estate, I wrote that renting might be a logical alternative for a homeowner who cannot sell or who does not want to sell. Working with professional real estate agents throughout the DC-MD-VA market, Property Management Advisors (PMA) supports agents and their clients during the “landlord” timeframe protecting the future home listing and serving the interests of the homeowner.

In our role as your real estate partner, we follow certain values which outline our good faith to you, the referring agent. These values also provide confidence to clients knowing that we work on their behalf safeguarding their home. First and foremost, we rely on referring agents for our inventory. Hence we reward these agents with 2 month’s management fees after 2 months of tenant occupancy. We serve as the conduit and/or Accountability Partner between landlord, tenant and agent for when the home may be available to sell. Unlike most competitors, we do not insist on being the listing nor selling agent unless asked to do so. In other words, your client is YOUR client.

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The Principles of Property Management Advisors are:

Loyalty: The referring agent receives 100% loyalty from PMA in all dealings with the landlord. In return, we ask the same from the agent in communications and expectations with the landlord.

Duty: It is PMA’s responsibility to always serve as a positive image for the referring agent and to their clients.

Respect: Unlike many competing property management companies, PMA respects not only the referring agent and landlord but also the tenant. Our philosophy is that if we respect the tenant, they respect the home. All actions taken by PMA are on behalf of the landlord as they are our client, however we create relationships with the tenants in order to safeguard the home, ensure maintenance and be pro-active on most lease-related matters.

Selfless Service: Unlike many competing property management companies, the PMA Team is available to you, the landlords, vendors and the tenants, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year via phone, text or email.

Honor & Integrity: Our tagline states “competent, accountable property management” but it does not mention perfect. As professional property managers for over 28 years, we have learned that to gain the faith and confidence of our clients and referring agents, we must have integrity and be accountable for mistakes and be honorable in our actions.

Personal Sacrifice: Although we are available 24/7, we spend our “off” hours taking classes in property management, real estate law, certifications from the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) and building our business with best practices and procedures to benefit our clients and you.

This is not a glamorous business but a necessary component of long-term, quality real estate. We possess a passion for this work and offer our expertise to you. It will be our pleasure to have Property Management Advisors represent your best interests and to work on behalf of your landlord client. Please let us know how we can serve!

Randy Huntley, Managing Partner

Property Management Advisors, LLC.


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