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Cost & Fees

9% of Monthly Rent

Property Management Compensation

Includes Service and Repair Coordination, and at least two seasonal inspections per year.

$175 one-time fee

Account Setup

Includes property management services on-boarding and more.

$50 one-time fee

Payment Management

If you would like us to handle your property's mortgage, condo dues, and similarly scheduled payments we can add that to your property management service for a one-time fee.

$500 landlord funds, replenished as needed

Landlord Reserve (Contingency/Repair Account)

Landlord Reserve is not a fee, rather a contingency account to be refunded at the conclusion of property management.

$200 fee per extension or 10% of the rent

Lease Extension Administration

Recurrence is typically every 1 to 2 years, depending on the length of the tenant's lease.

$100 monthly or Property Management fee, whichever is lower

Vacant Property Management

While property is vacant, utilities may be placed under Property Management Advisors name to ensure safe condition of property.

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