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Do you own a rental property, or perhaps more than one? Thousands of Landlords have trusted Randy Huntley over the years to manage their rental investment properties. Property Management Advisors, Inc. represents the very best interests of her clients and always negotiates on behalf of the Landlord.  

Whether or not you consider yourself a multi-property owner/investor or 'accidental' one-home Landlord, Randy and PMA will never let you down. Success leaves clues and both investors and individuals benefit from Randy's expert marketing techniques in order to earn the biggest return on investment.   

The first step toward success is to research the market and compare the value of the subject property to other like-kind properties. This way, considering the type of property, location, condition, amenities, terms, general market conditions, and Landlord motivation, a more accurate value is determined.

Compare Randy's methods to others and you will quickly understand why he is one of the best, most well-known property managers in the industry! Take advantage of Randy's invaluable methods, advice, and 34+ years of experience.

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What is Your Investment Property Worth?

Discovering the proper rental price range is important because you wouldn't want to 'leave money on the table' by underpricing. Alternatively, overpricing will more than likely cause your property to spend an extended period of time on the market thereby wasting valuable time, resources, and days on market. As an experienced rental agent Randy will guide you through the pitfalls of pricing.

If you are considering whether to sell or rent, determining both sets of values is a key indicator. Randy Huntley can assist you with both!

Rental Market Analysis

Find out how much your property will rent for today with our complimentary property assessment.

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