What Do Property Managers Do?


First and foremost property managers provide their clients with peace of mind.


Hiring a professional property manager means not having to worry when you decide to rent your property. Property Management Advisors has 26 years of experience managing properties, which means we can take care of all the big stuff while not missing any of the details. Here is just some of what we do.


  • Collect and disburse rent on time every month

  • Serve as the point of contact for tenants 24/7

  • Organize and oversee repairs, cleaning, and maintenance

  • Interview and screen prospective tenants

  • Ensure the property is being cared for through regular inspection

  • Handle difficult situations with tenants

  • Serve legal notices and assist with evictions

  • Keep financial records and prepare annual tax documents


Our property managers are also experts in the industry. When you hire us you'll get someone who...


  • Understands landlord and tenant laws specific to your city, county, and state.

  • Knows rent values and vacancy statistics in your area

  • Will follow the letter of the law during the rental application and screening process

  • Knows what to look for when conducting move-in and move-out property evaluations


Our team knows firsthand the difficulties that can come from renting property. Contact us today so we can free you from those difficulties.

If you have more questions about property management please contact Property Management Advisors at info@pma-dc.com or call our action line at (703) 457-6533, ext. 700.