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What to Do with a Furnished Rental Property for Profit

Updated: Jan 22

Deciding what to do with a furnished rental property? That's a big deal, especially if you're eyeing the bustling Northern Virginia market. It's not just about filling space; it’s about strategy and knowing your audience.

what to do with a furnished rental property

Furnished properties can bring in higher rents but be ready for more foot traffic as tenants come and go. We'll dive into making your place stand out while keeping turnover smooth and quick—because at the end of day, we don't want vacancies.

We've got insights lined up on crafting a comfy abode from bedroom to living room, plus smart tips on what might be better left out of those spaces to save you headaches down the road.

Randy Huntley here offering you the latest insight and information about residential real estate in Northern Virginia.

Pros and Cons of Furnished Rental Properties in Northern Virginia

Pros and Cons of Furnished Rental Properties in Northern Virginia

Renting out a furnished property in Northern Virginia? Sounds like a savvy move, but it's worth a number of considerations. Let's break down what this means for you as the landlord.

what to do with a furnished rental property

Advantages of High Demand Among Young Professionals

Furnished apartments are hot commodities among corporate business people and young professionals. Corporate professionals, young professionals, students, and short-term renters are renters who prefer to skip the moving van drama. They're ready to pay more for the convenience. Additionally, these kinds of renters often look for fully furnished spaces that echo their on-the-go lifestyles; hence they gravitate towards contemporary spaces and neutral decor.

In Northern Virginia—a magnet for movers and shakers—the demand can be real. Fully furnished rentals offer these tenants simplicity during life transitions or demanding job phases. But remember this isn't just about beds and sofas; it’s about creating a space where someone can live comfortably without worrying about old hand-me-down sofas or dated decor.

Challenges with Higher Rents and Turnover Rates

Sure, charging more sounds great until you realize vacancies could also creep up—and quick. A vacant unit is far from ideal. Higher turnover rates come hand-in-hand with short-term rentals.

This is where strategy kicks in—you've got to weigh whether faster turnover between tenants beats long-term leases stability-wise because let me tell you: damaged furniture and appliances eats profits faster than termites on woodwork.

To nail this game plan requires keeping tabs on market shifts—an essential play according to Investopedia's turnkey property insights. Keeping furnishings fresh yet durable becomes key here too so potential tenants walk into 'home' rather than 'hotel'. And speaking of security deposits—they become even more crucial now because nobody wants their coffee table turned into kindling after one raucous housewarming party.

Maximizing Revenue with a Furnished Rental Strategy

Maximizing revenue through furnished rentals is not just about slapping some furniture in a room and calling it a day. It's an art form, blending style and functionality that appeals directly to those who want to move right in without lugging their life's possessions up three flights of stairs.

what to do with a furnished rental property

Furnished Rentals: Property Types

Premium condos in transit locations that decked out from the living room sofa down to kitchen utensils are the ideal kind of property for short-term rentals. However, townhomes and single-family homes also share this market-space, but the with each property type comes different considerations, such as HOA, parking passes, pool passes, and pets. Every turnover means updating the above, which can become cumbersome.

Additionally, so yes, outfitting your rental property thoughtfully can really make it feel like home for the tenants and could even justify a higher rent rate. It is true, you're not just offering them a space; you're creating an experience—a place where memories are made over shared meals and good conversations. However, your turnover strategy, screening, cleaning, care instructions and security deposit must all be high systematized in order for a furnished rentals to work long-term.

Essential Inclusions for a Comfortable Furnished Rental

Finding the sweet spot between a minimalist aesthetic and the comforts of home is key when outfitting your furnished rental property. We've heard a lot of perspectives on design trends, and the best option is to stick with natural colors. Neutral, natural colors are the most universal and will stand the test of time. When choosing paint colors and decor, choose neutral, natural colors, use simple greenery accents, gold and silver touches are classic, and rustic woods have long-term appeal. Beyond that, an updated kitchen and bathroom(s) are a paramount.

Bedroom Must-Haves for Tenant Comfort

A bedroom should be more than just four walls and a ceiling; it's where renters seek refuge after a long day. Start with a sturdy bed frame topped with an inviting mattress because nothing says "welcome" like the promise of restful sleep. Don't skimp on quality linens either—soft sheets, cozy blankets, and supportive pillows are non-negotiables in this personal sanctuary.

Incorporating ample storage options like dressers or nightstands can help keep clutter at bay while adding functionality to style. And let's not forget those finishing touches—a full-length mirror for last-minute outfit checks and window coverings that provide both privacy and control over natural light make all the difference in turning your furnished bedroom into someone's new favorite space.

Living Room Essentials That Appeal to Tenants

The living room is often seen as the heart of any home—the central hub where guests gather, stories are shared, and relaxation reigns supreme. Here lies another opportunity to shine by including comfortable seating arrangements such as plush sofas paired with accent chairs beckoning one to sit back and unwind.

what to do with a furnished rental property

An entertainment center or TV stand sets up tenants for movie nights and while bookshelves brimming with tasteful reads might spark their intellectual curiosity during downtime—all anchored around that coffee table which doubles as both focal point and functional piece ideal for hosting game nights or simply relaxing at the end of a workday.

To ensure every tenant walks into ready-to-live comfort without missing out on life’s little necessities:

  • Kitchen utensils should invite culinary exploration rather than frustration.

  • A trash bin here prevents unnecessary clutter elsewhere.

  • Bathroom essentials? Think beyond mere fixtures—a shower curtain ensures privacy whereas bath mats add safety along softness underfoot.

Let’s also talk practicality: toilet paper, paper towels—even something seemingly trivial like having enough hangers can save someone from small inconveniences turning into big annoyances.

Remember: Details matter. A hair dryer tucked away signals thoughtfulness; providing a few cleaning essentials implies cleanliness doesn’t have to be a hard-fought battle within these walls—it speaks volumes about the care put into creating livable spaces tailored toward real-life needs.

What Not to Include in Your Furnished Rental Property

Furnished rental properties can be a magnet for tenants seeking convenience. But when it comes to outfitting your space, less is often more. As a seasoned property management advisor, I've seen my share of furnished units that are either too bare or cluttered like an attic sale.

The Thin Line Between Cozy and Cluttered

A furnished property should feel like a blank canvas with just enough strokes to suggest home. Think about the living room: yes, include a comfy sofa and maybe a coffee table, but skip the overly ornate decor that might not jive with everyone's taste. Prospective tenants want freedom to personalize without moving mountains—or furniture pieces—for that matter.

Beyond aesthetics, consider liability; every item you provide is another potential issue down the line. A fully furnished bedroom sounds great until someone accidentally breaks an antique bedside lamp—then it's time for awkward conversations about deductions from security deposits. It's all about form and function, while remembering to stay practical.

Kitchen Conundrums Solved

In kitchen spaces, basics go far—a refrigerator, stove, microwave, and coffee maker, but leave out the quirky decor. Provide tenants essentials such as pots and pans along with cutlery but think twice before stocking every drawer with gadgets they'll likely never use.

Remember what renters expect: clean lines and functional tools without excess fluff cluttering countertops or cabinets.

what to do with a furnished rental property

Bathroom Basics Minus The Fuss

You wouldn't hand over keys without ensuring there’s toilet paper on roll—and let’s face it—a shower curtain isn’t optional if we want water contained where it belongs. So keep bathrooms simple yet complete; offer up necessary items including towels and bath mats but avoid personalized decor touches, which could backfire.

Your aim? To give renters everything they need to live comfortably while sidestepping any superfluous additions that could lead to design taste turnoff or damaged furniture disputes later on.

what to do with a furnished rental property

With these tips fresh in mind from Property Management Advisors Inc., savvy landlords can strike the perfect balance between providing comfort in their furnished rentals while avoiding pitfalls leading toward higher turnover rates among residents who prefer minimal hassle during their moving process.

If anything seems amiss regarding what makes sense inside your rented walls or how best to approach this growing market niche within Northern Virginia’s bustling backdrop of mid-term renters hungry for turnkey solutions minus heavy lifting—you now know exactly which extras warrant eviction from your rentable residence.

FAQs in Relation to What to Do With a Furnished Rental Property?

How do you make a furnished rental feel like a house?

To make it homey, mix in simple touches like art and plants. Keep the decor neutral to suit varied tastes.

What to expect in a furnished property?

Expect essentials from sofas to silverware. It's set up so tenants can move straight in without hassle.

Is it better to get a furnished or unfurnished property?

Furnished saves on upfront costs and are great for short stays. Unfurnished properties let you style your space but requires renter investment.


Now you have better insight on what to do with a furnished rental property in Northern Virginia. You've got the pros and cons down, from appealing to professionals to navigating higher rents and turnover.

Randy Huntley is the Broker you need when you want to experience outstanding client service, partner with a knowledgeable specialists, be well-informed throughout your journey, and ultimately, achieve your Northern Virginia real estate goals.

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